What To Do When Your Glass Shower Door Cracks

Having a glass shower door can greatly improve the look of your bathroom. The advantages of these doors are not just aesthetic; they can also make your shower feel much larger, making the space more comfortable for you.

However, like anything made from glass, there is always a risk of cracking and breaking. Glass shower doors are built to be quite strong, but they have been known to shatter on occasion. There's also a chance that they may suffer a crack due to a physical impact. What should you do when you notice a crack in your door?

Repairing Cracks in Shower Doors

Chips and cracks in glass, including glass shower doors, can be repaired to some extent. Technicians use resins and special equipment that fill the space between the cracks and make it harder for it to expand. However, this process is far from perfect.

For starters, this method is only applicable to very small cracks and those that are not deep. Secondly, if the glass is clear, it's uniform nature will make the crack visible even after repairs. If the crack is in a visible area, it will be difficult to hide it.

What to Do About Larger Cracks

If you're dealing with a sufficiently large crack in your shower door, you'll have no option but to replace it. It's tempting to repair a crack rather than replace your shower door. However, once a crack appears, there's always a risk that it will get worse with time. The crack can stretch into other areas of the glass, causing it to shatter. This is quite dangerous.

Additionally, the heat from the shower can put more stress on the crack. This makes it likely for the glass to shatter when someone is using the shower. Under these circumstances, replacing the shower door is always a safer alternative.

Replacing a Glass Shower Door

If you installed your glass shower door by yourself, the process of replacing it is more or less the same except you'll have to remove the current door first.

Removing the current shower door can be a hazardous process. The crack may make the glass more fragile and likely to break while it's being removed. Ensure you have safety gear, such as gloves and protective goggles. Alternatively, you can also find a skilled technician to replace the shower door for you. It may cost you more but at least you'll be safe.

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