Truck Slider Window Problems And Solutions

Having a sliding window on the rear window of your pickup truck is really a nice thing. You get to enjoy that added bit of fresh air in the warm months as the wind slips through front windows and through the back. However, just like other types of automobile windows, truck slider windows can be damaged or stop functioning as they should. Making sure you get a slider window repaired is important because a damaged slider can leave your vehicle vulnerable to theft or damage. Here is a look at some of the common problems with truck slider windows and what may have to be done for them to be fixed:

The truck's slider window is leaking

If you have an older vehicle, you may have issues with water getting in around the slider glass when it rains. These leaking issues tend to start out small or slight at first, with just a drip here or there, but they usually get worse with time. The rubber seals around the sliding glass start to deteriorate and get brittle with age, which can contribute to the problems with leaks. In most cases, these rubber seals can easily be replaced by an auto glass technician. 

The slider window is getting jammed open or closed

If the slider glass is getting stuck either open or shut, it is usually a problem with the guides that support the glass. Modern trucks have a cutout where the glass slides back and forth. If the guides that surround the glass get even slightly off-kilter, it can affect the slider's ability to move freely back and forth. To prevent this issue, it is a good idea to lubricate the glides periodically to keep the glass moving freely. If you already have a jammed slider window, it is best to talk to an auto glass professional for repairs. Trying to force the slider open or closed can actually damage the glass. 

The truck's slider window is cracked

Perhaps one of the most common problems with truck slider windows is the glass getting directly damaged. Most often, these small windows get cracked due to a direct hit or some kind of direct stress. Of course, if the slider glass cracks, it is best to have it professionally replaced as soon as possible. The crack can become multiple cracks with time and the glass may be at risk of falling out as well. 

For more information, reach out to an auto glass repair company in your area today.

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