3 Ways To Minimize The Mess Of Broken Auto Glass

Perhaps you had to bust one of your vehicle's windows in order to gain access to your car, or maybe your windshield was inadvertently broken due to an auto accident or baseball mishap. Regardless of what caused your broken auto glass, it's vital to take steps to minimize the mess related to your broken auto glass so you can keep your children, pets, and other family members safe. Here are things to do to keep the mess from your broken glass to a minimum.

1. Use Protective Gear When Cleaning Up the Glass Fragments

Before you get started cleaning up the glass fragments, take a few moments to suit up with protective gear. Not only will this keep you safe during the cleanup process, but you'll be able to clean up the glass fragments as quickly as possible.

One must-have piece of safety equipment is protective gloves. Whether your window shattered into small glass fragments or broke into a few large pieces, you'll be able to confidently clean up the aftermath of your incident. Depending on the size of the fragments and your personal comfort level, you may also want to wear protective wrist and forearm sleeves that keep your lower arms shielded from sharp, jagged edges. 

2. Borrow a Shop Vacuum to Assist with the Cleanup Process

Another helpful tool to acquire for the cleanup process is a shop vacuum. Once you've disposed of the larger glass fragments that you safely pick up and dispose of, it's time to break out the shop vac. Use the shop vac to vacuum the interior of your vehicle and the area surrounding the exterior of your vehicle.

Depending on the impact of your window breakage, you may need to vacuum a large radius around your vehicle to ensure you remove all the pieces. You might need to vacuum a few times to make sure all the fragments are gone. 

3. Hire a Pro to Replace the Glass

Instead of trying to replace your auto glass on your own, hire a pro to tackle the job. A pro knows what steps need to be taken to prep your vehicle for the replacement, such as safely removing all the fragments of glass that may remain in your vehicle's window or windshield seals.

It's possible that some fragments may be stuck in the seals; instead of trying to coerce them free on your own, let an expert handle their removal to make sure that you don't accidentally get stuck with a glass fragment or lose track of it once you work it free from the seal. See an auto glass service today.

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