Are You Remodeling A Bathroom?

Are your children now grown and out of the house? If so, you may be converting their bedrooms into things like a guest room, a craft room, or even a home office. In addition, perhaps you are also remodeling the bathroom your kids used while they were still living at home. From selecting a glass shower to making some other changes, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive area.

The Bathroom 

If you are focused on turning a kid's bathroom into an elegant guest bathroom, you are in for some fun decorating. Maybe the kid's bathroom always had shower curtains as part of the decoration. If so, have you considered having a glass shower instead? A glass shower will probably cost less money than you thought it would. In addition, the glass shower will be so easy to install that the job will be done in only a few hours.

Maintaining the glass shower will be super easy — you can just use the same glass cleaner that you use on the bathroom mirror. When additional cleaning is needed, select a product that will remove water residue. Keep a squeegee handy in the shower, and your guests might even clean up after they shower.

Additional Changes 

The point is to do away with the kid look of the bathroom and to give it the look that guests will find elegant. That might be more simple than you thought it would be. For example, does the wallpaper feature cute kid themes? If so, consider replacing it with a more elegant choice. For example, if you want a garden theme in your new guest bathroom, select a floral design for the wallpaper. If you want a beach theme, consider selecting wallpaper with things like lighthouses or sailboats as the focal point.

As you shop for decorative items that will add a new look to the bathroom, think of selecting items that will complement the wallpaper you selected. For example, if you chose a floral design, then framed artwork of things like flower gardens and meadows of flowers would be perfect additions. If you selected a beach theme, consider buying things like beach-themed tissue boxes, drinking cups and beach-themed artwork for the bathroom walls. 

No matter what you decide for the theme of your newly remodeled bathroom, it will all go well with the glass shower you selected.  

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