Own a Business? 2 Benefits of Installing Commercial Window Film and How It Is Installed

If you own your own business, you may have not considered installing commercial window film on the windows. However, you may be surprised to learn of the many benefits of doing this. Below is more information about this, as well as how the window film is installed.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Window Film

There are many benefits of installing commercial window film, two of which are listed below:

Offers Protection

Window film prevents harmful UV rays from shining through the windows. This will protect employees that sit close to the windows. For example, if an employee sits in front of a window at a desk for hours per day the sun shines on them and, over time, this could lead to skin cancer.

Sun shining through the windows can also cause damage to carpets. This is because the sunshine will cause the color of the carpets to fade and may even cause the carpet fibers to deteriorate. Along with carpeting, anything else that sits next to a window can fade, such as fabric furniture.

Keeps Bugs Away

One benefit you may be surprised to learn is window film can keep bugs away from your building.

If you have security lights outside your building, this will attract insects. Insects are also attracted to the heat coming from the bulbs. This can be problematic if you also leave a few lights on inside the building at night for security

Once the insects are attracted to your building it will not take the bugs long to find their way inside if they see light coming through the windows. When they are inside the insects will multiply—how fast depends on the type of insect.

Window tint dims the lights inside the building. This way even if the insects are attracted to the security lights outside, they will likely leave the inside of your building alone. This is because the area around the windows will be much cooler, as well as darker.

How Window Film Is Installed

There are do-it-yourself (DIY) kits available that you can use to install window film on your own. It can be difficult to do, however, and it may not look great when you finish. Because of this, hire a professional company to install the window film for you.

The film is an adhesive that is laid onto the window. Once the adhesive is attached, the contractor will use a special tool to remove any air bubbles. When finished, you will not be able to tell that the adhesive film is there.

The commercial company will know what shade to choose for you depending on how much shade you want. You may choose something too light or too dark if you do this on your own.

Talk with a commercial company that installs window film to learn much more.

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