Steps To Take When You Find A Broken Window In Your Home

Most homeowners do not like to think about scenarios and situations in which something goes wrong in their home or something gets broken or damaged. However, it is important that you know what to do when such an issue arises so that you can take all of the steps needed to deal with it. This includes determining what you should do when there is a broken window in your home. Get to know what to do when one of your windows gets broken so you can begin the repair process as soon as possible. 

Look for a Cause to the Damage

Before you take any steps to clean up the broken window or deal with the necessary repairs or window glass replacement, you will want to try to find a cause for the damage to your window. Sometimes the damage is obvious, like a baseball or a tree branch that came through the window. And other times, particularly if someone intentionally broke the window or the incident occurred when you were away, the cause may be less apparent. 

It is important to try to find an explanation for the damage so you know if you need to contact the authorities about the incident. If a rock or brick was thrown through your window, for example, you will likely want to contact the police to file a report about the situation before you move into the cleanup process. Alternatively, if your window was damaged because of a major storm or weather event, you will want to have the damage documented for your insurance coverage. Determining the cause of damage is always going to be your first step with a broken window in your home. 

Report the Incident (Or Not)

As previously noted, there are certain situations when you definitely want to report the broken window to the authorities and/or your home insurance company, and then there are others where you may not want to so. Major storms that cause damage to various parts of your home, for example, and you will likely want to report any and all damage to your insurance company to receive financial assistance paying for it. 

However, if your window is broken from a stray baseball or another household accident, you might not want to report the incident to your insurance. If the cost of repairs will not exceed your deductible, you may end up paying for both the cost of window glass replacement and increased insurance premiums. 

Contact a Window Glass Repair Company

Once you have taken care of the detail work, you will be ready to fix your broken window. Contact a window glass repair company to come take a look at your window. They will be able to clean up any remaining shards of glass in the window frame. These experts will also determine whether your window frame has also been damaged in the incident. 

If the frame and structure of the window is in good shape, you will only need to have the window glass replaced. However, more extensive damage may require the frames to be removed too and an entirely new window to be installed. If this is the case, you may also need to replace other windows nearby for the sake of uniformity and appearance. More often than not, though, the window glass can be replaced on its own. 

With these steps in mind, you can be sure you know how to handle the situation if you find a broken window in your home. Contact a repair shop, like Glasshopper Schor Glass, for more help.

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