Building A Home On A Coast? Install Impact Resistant Doors And Windows For Safety

If you are building a home on the coast, you never know if there will be a hurricane. If there is a hurricane, your home may become demolished or sustain a lot of damage. Fortunately, there is something you can do to help keep your house standing: install impact-resistant doors and windows. Below is some more information about this so you can get them installed on your home.

Impact-Resistant Doors

Impact-resistant doors are much thicker than standard doors, which makes them resistant to high winds and water. You can find aluminum, fiberglass, and wood impact doors. The company you hire to install your doors will ensure all state regulations are followed.

You can have an impact door with glass also. The company installs impact-resistant glass instead of traditional glass. This glass is much thicker and will not break as easily due to high winds. 

Stronger hinges are used when installing these doors, and a longer screw is installed so that it screws much further into the frame.

Consider replacing all your exterior doors with impact resistant doors for complete protection.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Along with impact-resistant doors, you should also install impact-resistant windows. The glass on these windows is laminated. There are two types of impact glass that you can choose from depending on how much protection you want.

One type has multiple layers of polyvinyl that is placed between two sheets of glass. The glass is then tempered to make it stronger. These windows stand up well to small items that may hit your window but will not hold up if something very large hits your windows.

The strongest type of impact-resistant windows uses a special type of laminated glass. A material known as polycarbonate is placed between two sheets of laminated glass. These windows can handle large items that may hit your window.

If these windows do break, they will shatter into small pieces so you will not have to worry about getting injured by large shards of glass.

Along with the impact-resistant glass, these types of windows also must have stronger frames. The frames may be made of vinyl, metal, or wood. They have additional reinforcements to make them stronger when compared to traditional window frames.  

Talk with a professional from a company like The Glass Professionals Inc about this information. They can answer any questions you may have and help you choose the doors and windows that will work best with your home.

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