Make Your Bathroom Into A Retreat For Thought

It's a great luxury to have a room in your home where you can unwind, collect your thoughts, and perhaps delve into a great book. For many people, that is a bedroom or living room. But why not also consider having a spa-like bathroom to indulge in?

Adding a Spa Tub

The first part of your bathroom renovation will be to add a luxurious tub to the room. It shouldn't be one that's just big enough for you to squeeze into; consider an oversized tub, perhaps one that's big enough for two people. Spa jets in your tub are a luxury that, if you can afford it, will pay off. But this all doesn't mean you have to forego showering completely; finding a shower head that fits into your bathtub setup is easy enough with the advice of a bathroom remodel specialist.

Making it More Comfortable

If you haven't spent much time making your bathroom a hangout spot, it's likely not a place that's equipped for a person to spend long amounts of time. The functions you perform in a basic bathroom, such as brushing teeth or rinsing off, are ones that are often done in a hurry. But when you want to make the bathroom your main relaxation room, consider the finishes and furnishings just as you would a living room or bedroom.

To start making your bathroom more comfortable, rip out your cumbersome shower curtains and replace them with a glass installation. Add soft textures to the floor so that you're not startled back to reality with the cold touch of the tile. Consider what aromatherapy can do to provide a mood for your retreat room. And on top of that, light switch dimmers make a big difference.

Adding Bookshelves or Other Entertainment

While you're at it, why not add space for your entertainment of choice? Maybe you could put some bookshelves over the towel rack. Make sure that they have a glass cover to prevent steam build up, and use desiccant packets to collect moisture within the cabinets so that pages don't mold or deteriorate.

You might also create an extension for your home entertainment system so that sound can more easily be heard and controlled within your bathroom. In addition to placing speakers in the room, you could have hands-free controls for your devices, so that you don't have to touch them while your hands are wet.

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