Bulletproof Tips For Installing Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass is actually a misnomer because the material often does not contain glass at all. Instead, the bulletproof glass contains polycarbonate and acrylic materials. Most individuals who install bulletproof glass have never installed it before. Because bulletproof glass must have a very tight finish and absolutely must be installed properly, many may find the act of installing the glass intimidating. However, there are some things you should keep in mind that will make the installation process much easier.

Call If You Encounter Problems

Most bulletproof glass installation kits come with instructions on how to install the glass and one option is to simply follow the instructions. However, if you encounter any difficulties, it is recommended that you contact the original manufacturer in order to receive more detailed instructions. 

Make Sure The Structure Can Support It

Bulletproof materials are very heavy. Make sure that structure where the glass will be installed is able to support a 500-800 pound window. Bullet-resistant doors can weigh several hundred pounds. You will need at least 2-3 people to install your system. 

Fortunately, the bulletproof window is designed to fit your space, so very little cutting and drilling is necessary. This allows for the glass to be installed much more quickly. Therefore, regardless of  whether you install it yourself or hire professional contractors to install it for you, the process will be very easy.

Know How To Clean It

Understand the proper process of cleaning bulletproof glass. Bulletproof glass cannot be cleaned with window cleaner. The glass comes with several coatings that reduce glare and reduce the risk of static charges accumulating. A paper towel can be very abrasive to bulletproof glass and can scratch it. This will lead to what is known as crazing, which looks like cracks going into the glass.

When cleaning a bullet-resistant window, you should lightly dust it with a lint-free cloth. Then, wash it with warm water and mild soap with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use aromatic compounds to remove grease. Instead, use kerosene, naphtha or hexane. If there are any scratches, they can be buffed out with acrylic. Polish with commercial wax as well, which fills in minor scratches and restores the window's appearance. 

If you find it difficult to install bulletproof glass, it is a good idea to instead hire a contractor who can do it for you. You will be less likely to perform installation mistakes that will make the product less effective.

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