Patio Enclosure Ideas For You Outdoor Entertainment

Adding a patio to your home is a great way to explore and enjoy the outdoors in comfort. If you enclose the area you can actually increase the square footage of your home, using your new space as a hobby room, sun room, or a comfortable outdoor area to entertain all your guests. There are many types of enclosed patios you can consider to make your project complete. Here are a few suggestions you can think about to see which ones work best for your patio and home designs.

Full windows with skylight

If you want to give your patio a sun room effect, then fully enclosing it and giving it surrounding windows is an excellent option. You want windows that go from the floor to ceiling to open up the space and really bring the views of your landscape indoors. Finish this attractive addition with a stunning skylight that allows the sun's rays to come inside from above. You can add a ceiling fan as well to help move the warm heat around and make the patio space very comfortable.

Retractable addition

If you want to be able to use your patio as a traditional outdoor space as well as have the option to bring your entertainment indoors when the weather is not cooperating or during the fall and winter months, then consider installing a retractable roof instead of a full enclosed space. A retractable roof is placed on your home and can be pulled out or extended when you need it for cover or shade. Use wooden or vinyl room dividers as your temporary walls and you have a durable, enclosed structure that you can open up whenever you wish.

French door style

You may want to use your patio space as more of a family or sitting room than an outdoor area. In this case, building a solid wooden addition around your patio is a great idea. Make it bright and sunny by adding French doors and large windows on one side of the wall so the sun can come inside and you can still feel like you are in your yard even when you are cozily snuggled up inside. You can have heating and cooling installed in this room since it is plenty insulated by design so you can use this space just like any other room in your home. This is a great option for you if you have a smaller home and want to get the most use out of the square footage you have.

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