Beautiful Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

When your "master bath" is a small bathroom, this can feel like a challenge. It doesn't feel like there's enough space, and the room may even look cramped. However, you can expand the look and functionality of your small master bath, even if you can't increase the square footage. Design a bathroom remodel that beautifies your small space.

Themed Bathroom

When you have a small space to decorate, it's easier to promote a cohesive theme. For example, say you want a beach vibe in your bathroom. If you start with an ocean-inspired color scheme – think sand and ocean water – you just have to add a few décor pieces to complete the look. So, hang a mirror that resembles a porthole and add a few shells and starfish for décor. These details would get lost in a large bathroom, but could make the design in your small space.

Luxurious Materials

In the same vein, remodeling a large bathroom can be expensive because of all the materials needed. This expense is significantly cut when remodeling a small bathroom. That leaves you free to choose more luxurious materials for the remodel job. You could outfit your bathroom in marble and exotic hardwoods since you won't need as much. The savings can also allow you to splurge on high-end fixtures and even little luxuries like towel warmers.

Glass Shower Enclosure

With a small bathroom, you do want to increase the airy ambiance. That means you should have as much glass as possible because it reflects light back out. For this reason, Better Homes and Gardens recommends installing a glass shower enclosure. As the site points out, the glass enclosure allows the eye to move around the room with no visual impediment. If you want to keep your shower and tub combo, you can still choose a sliding glass door. This gives you the same effect as the glass shower enclosure. To learn more about your options for shower enclosures, contact a company like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc.

Customized Storage

You need good functionality in your small master bath, especially when it comes to storage. Regardless of the square footage, you still need to store necessary items. For that reason, consider customized storage. So, have units built that maximize the space available to you. For example, if you have tall ceilings, have shelving installed up high. Likewise, further customize the storage to your specific needs. For instance, it may make sense to have a pull-out hamper in your bathroom. Conversely, bins for lots of little grooming items may be more your speed. Fully evaluate what you want to store in the bathroom before settling on your remodel plan.

Make over the beauty and utility of your bathroom with luxurious materials and space-saving solutions.

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