Protecting Your Large Picture Windows Against Damage

Glass windows and doors are wonderful if you live where they overlook the beach, a lake, or other scenic vista. The downside to large picture windows or glass doors is the threat of damage to them from storms or weather. You can do some things to try and protect that glass, but if something does damage them, you may need to consider repair of replacement by a glass company.

Protecting Your Glass Windows

If you live where there is the threat of storm damage to your home or glass, you can help minimize the damage with some preparation. If there is a storm coming, removing potential debris from the area around your home is a good place to start. Picking up tree limbs, putting away outdoor items, and picking up wood or other items in the yard that could become projectiles in heavy winds will help reduce the potential for glass breakage or damage.

Installing Storm Shutters

Shutters can be installed on the outside of your home and closed when the potential for a major storm is coming. The shutters can be made from wood and look very nice or made from steel and be similar to steel rolling doors used on loading docks and commercial garages. In areas where the home sits right on the beach or another storm prone area, these steel storm shutters are common. They are strong and provide the highest level of protection for your glass. Shop around because they can often be found in colors that will match the exterior of your home so they do not detract from the appearance of the home.

Boarding Up To Ride Out The Storm

If your area is not plagued by storms but a threat is imminent, you can cover the windows to help protect them. Large sheets of plywood screwed in place over the glass on the outside of the home can help protect them against whatever the weather can throw at them. Planning ahead can save you a lot of headaches in the long run and the cost of the lumber is likely going to be cheaper than replacing large windows after the storm.

Handling Glass Damage After the Storm

If you have large, expensive windows on your home, they should be covered if your insurance policy covers storm damage. Check with your insurance carrier to be sure you are covered before your need to the coverage and if something does happen, call them right away so that you can get a glass company to come repair the window right away.

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