Five Tips For Keeping Your Windshield Clean

For safe driving, you need a clear windshield. As you own your car, there are numerous things you need to do and maintain to keep your windshield clear and your visibility strong. Here are some tips to guide you to clarity:

1. Keep Your Washer Fluid Reservoir Full

If a big truck splashes your windshield with mud or if the windshield is smeared with salt from the road, you need washer fluid to clean your window. Always make a point of keeping your reservoir well stocked with fluid. You should check your levels every time you take a long drive.

In a pinch, you can use water instead of washing fluid. However, in the winter, water will freeze. In cold climates, make sure that you are using washer fluid that withstands freezing. If not, the fluid may freeze, cracking your reservoir.

2. Replace Your Wipers Occasionally

Your wipers are critical for keeping rain and debris off your windshield, and if they aren't working properly, your windshield will stay dirty. If your wipers don't seem to be doing their job, replace them. You can buy new wipers at most gas stations, and this is a relatively simple and inexpensive repair you can do even in the midst of a journey. You just need a screwdriver.

Also, check your wipers periodically for damage. If the rubber is frayed or worn, they need to be replaced. In general, you should plan to replace your wipers at least every six months even if you haven't experienced issues.

3. Check on Your Defroster

Your breath can create vapor in your vehicle, and these water droplets can cause the windshield to fog up. This is especially prominent in winter when the warmth in your car interacts with the cold outside to create even more condensation on the windshield.

Your defroster removes this condensation so that you can see. However, if your heating isn't working, your defroster won't work. Before the winter starts, always make sure that you check to make sure your vehicle's heating is working, and if not, make an appointment to have a professional look at your defrost system.

4. Have a Cleaning Strategy

In some cases, your windshield may not be clear because it is dirty. If there are built-up streaks, smudges, and dirt that don't respond to your windshield washer fluid, you may need to clean your windows.

Try using a product such as Bon Ami or a clay bar. Then, consider adding a coating to your windshield. A windshield expert can add RainX or a similar type of coating. These products help to prevent the buildup of dirt or water spots.

5. Fix Cracks and Chips Promptly

In addition to keeping your windshield clean and investing in the elements that support it, you also have to pay attention to cracks and chips. Unfortunately, even a small chip can start to spread and create a spider web effect on your windshield. These marks can disrupt your visibility, and in many cases, you can get a ticket and incur a fine if your windshield is too cracked.

To prevent cracks or dents from spreading, always get them repaired as soon as possible. You can get repairs for individual cracks, but in some cases, especially if you have extensive damage, you may need to get an entire windshield replacement.

Luckily, many auto insurance policies cover windshield replacements. However, it depends on whether you live and your policy. You should contact your agent directly to see what's covered in your case. In some cases, with comprehensive coverage, you can get a windshield replacement without even paying the deductible. You can read more here.


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