Consider Feng Shui Principles When Installing Mirrors

Nearly everyone knows that adding mirrors to your home can brighten the area, making it feel larger and airier. But, not everyone realizes that how you place the mirrors also affects the mood and function of the home. According to ancient Feng Shui beliefs, mirrors can promote good health and prosperity as well as amplify negative energy and bad luck. The trick is all in the placement of the mirrors. So, before you invest in having mirrors installed in your home by a company like Ridge Glass & Mirror, consider using these Feng Shui techniques to make the change a positive one.

How are mirrors used in Feng Shui?

Mirrors can be used to redirect both positive and negative energy.  They may be used to bring positive energy into a space or to send negative energy on its way. Where you place the mirror is an important part of activating this powerful technique.

Does Feng Shui really work?

Many people believe it does. The ancient art of Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years. The first documented use of Feng Shui dates back to 960 B.C. It has been practiced in a variety of Eastern Religions since that time and was introduced in the US in the 1970s, explains Lucky Path Feng Shui.

Where should you hang mirrors for the best Feng Shui?

As a rule, mirrors should not be hung on Southern walls as the south represents fire, and mirrors represent water causing a major conflict. Other mirror placement depends on the room you are placing the mirror in.

Bedroom: It is generally advised not to place a mirror in the bedroom. A mirror that reflects the occupants while in bed may invite a third person into the relationship, while large mirrors may cause energy to bounce around inside the bedroom causing issues with restful sleep. If you must place a mirror in the bedroom, place it on the inside of the closet door and close the door at night while you sleep.

Bathroom: Place the bathroom mirror over the sink so that it does not reflect either the drain or the toilet as it will cause abundance and good fortune to be washed down the drain.

Living room: Use mirrors in the living room to reflect nature from the outside and to encourage the flow of positive energy. Avoid mirrors that reflect the TV.

Entryway: Place a mirror within 5 feet of the front door to draw positive energy into the home, but avoid placing the mirror so that it reflects the open door, as this will direct positive energy back out the door.

Kitchen: Use mirrors or other reflective surfaces behind the stove if you will be working with your back to the door. This allows you to see who or what is behind you. Do not place a mirror so that it reflects the drain or flames.

Dining Rooms: A large mirror on the wall in your dining room is ideal to reflect your food on the table. This magnifies your abundance and brings positive energy to the area.

Other Tips:

  • Place mirrors so your head and shoulders can be seen clearly, and avoid mirrors that cut off the heads of the tallest members of your family.
  • Avoid placing mirrors where they will reflect clutter, piles of bills, or dark areas as mirrors magnify whatever they reflect.
  • Avoid mirrored tiles, or an assortment of small mirrors, as this breaks up your reflection and may make you feel scattered or broken.

Considering the possible Feng Shui effects from installing mirrors and discussing it with the installer may help you enhance the positive energy in your home and send negative energy out the door.

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